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The role of audits within the BSCI process

Independent external audits are used by BSCI participants to assess the performance of a producer against the BSCI Code of Conduct. All BSCI audits are exclusively conducted by auditing companies that have been accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) and have signed a Framework contract with BSCI.

Once an auditing company is accredited by SAAS, the company can contact BSCI to express their interest to be included in the list of BSCI auditors. The details of the relationship between the auditing companies and BSCI are fixed in a framework contract. Procedures for the audits, BSCI management instruments and instructions on the use of the BSCI database are regulated by this framework contract and a series of documents is provided. Only a Lead Auditor who is certified SA8000 and has successfully passed an SA8000 Advanced Lead Auditor Training by SAAS is allowed to perform a BSCI audit. The list of accredited auditing companies is available under "Links".

How to become an auditing company in the BSCI framework?

Since 1 May 2013, a new procedure of accpeting new auditing companies has been installed. In order to improve the quality of BSCI audits, BSCI decided to review and upgrade the criteria on which auditing companies can conduct the audits. In addition to requesting SAAS accreditation, a new policy was introduced to restrict auditing companies from using, subcontractors while other minor changes were also made to the framework contract.

Please see the 'The BSCI Auditing Companies Approval Procedure' and the application form. For interested companies, fill out the application form and send it with the relevant documentation to, BSCI Auditing Manager.