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Statement on the Rana Plaza Building Collapse in Bangladesh

Following the collapse of the Rana Plaza on Wednesday 24 April, the BSCI expresses its sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragic incident. BSCI immediately contacted its participating companies to investigate their relations with the two factories registered in the BSCI database; New Wave Style and Phantom Apparels. BSCI confirms that one BSCI Participant has had commercial relations with one of the registered factories.

BSCI social audits were performed in the two factories; however audits do not include building construction or integrity. BSCI therefore relies on the local authorities to implement and control national building regulations.

This tragedy highlights the broad infrastructure risks that exist with regard to industrial buildings across Bangladesh.

BSCI remains committed to working in partnership with all business, government, trade unions and NGOs in order to support Bangladesh garment industry and find a solution which prevents such tragedies from happening again. BSCI urges the local authorities to start implementing  the National Tripartite Plan of Action which was adopted in Bangladesh on 24 March 2013. Additionally BSCI has joined discussions, together with other stakeholders, such as development agencies, trade unions, retailers etc, to explore how to improve monitoring of construction integrity. BSCI calls all those who want to share our efforts to contact us so we can support and push forward the necessary changes.  

30 April 2013